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Frequently Asked Questions

My House has been damaged by Termites. Will my Building insurance cover it?

No, in Australia Building insurance does not cover Termite damage. It is recommended to get a Termite inspection done annually to give peace of mind that your House is safe and not being attacked by Termites.

Will my Pets be effected by the Spray/Baits after Treatment has been applied?

No, all products We use are Natural and Holistic which create no secondary Poison to Pets

Do Sounding/Vibrating Bird deterrents work to keep away Pigeons or any other Bird?

No, In our opinion we find that these Machines are not very effective to ensure full control of Birds around the specified area. Please contact us to discuss further Methods of Bird Control. 

Are White Ants and Termites the same thing?

Termites do appear White and Ant-Like however Termites are actually not an Ant at all, White Ants is Australian Slang that has grown over the last few decades. 

If we are having our House sprayed, Do we need to leave?

The Treatments that we will carry out can vary from Pest to Pest  Treatment for Termites, Rodents and Ants do not require you to leave the Home. The products that we use have very little odor. However if we are spraying for a pest such as Spiders, Cockroaches, Fleas etc you will need to vacate for 4 Hours while the Chemical settles. If we are only completing Treatment outside you do not need to leave your Home. 

Are Treatments safe for my Children and Pets in the long term?

The Pesticides that We use are Safe for Children and Pets. All Chemicals that We use can be used in Hospitals, Kitchens and in Public Areas. We meet the Health Safety standards and requirements. If any concerns for specific Health issues, this can be discussed with the Technician prior to the Treatment. There may be Times were we may have to restrict access to specific treated areas but only for a short period of Time (4 Hours).

Do I need to be Home?

If We are doing interior Treatments such as accessing various Rooms and the Roof void then Yes, Arrangements can be made if you need to leave the Property. 

If You have any other Questions do not hesitate to Contact Us! Details are in our Contact Us tab.

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