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Quality Policy

Central West Pest Control is committed to a management system which incorporates the following:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016- Model for Quality Management System.

  • National Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Pesticides and Herbicides in non-Agricultural Workplaces.

  • AS 4339.3-1998: Inspection Of Buildings. Part 3: Timber Pest Inspections.

  • AS 3660.1-2014: Termite Management. Part 1: New Building Work.

  • AS 3660.2-2014: Termite Management. Part 2: In and around existing buildings and structures-Guidelines. 

  • AS 3660.3-2014: Termite Management. Part 3: Assessment criteria for termite management systems.

The Environment and The Department of Health

Central West Pest Control uses Chemicals in our Service that are made with Natural materials. The purpose of this is to mimic Nature and Control Pests with a less Toxic approach. This reduces odor and is in ordinance with the Safety Regulations of the Department of Health, creating a safe Environment before and after treatment. Our chemicals also creates no secondary poisoning towards You, Your Children, Pets. Some Poisons on the Market can have a direct effect on the a Pet however in our Rodent treatment, We only use a specific Poison that has a non-secondary effect meaning it is completely safe and will have no effect on the Family Pet should they come across a baited Rodent. Our training combined with the approval of the Health Department, Our Services are also used in Commercial structures such as Restaurants, Hospitals, Rentals, Aged Care etc. We help provide the Community with a Healthy risk-free Environment of Pests that may cause disturbance or harm.

Our Warranty

All our Pest Control Services a Warranty from 3 months to 10 years. Contact us for further information.

Areas We Service

As a local Company we provide our Services throughout Geraldton and the Midwest Region. We regularly make trips to out of Town Regions on request and to remote Stations. We enjoy to provide a Service to a range of Areas such:

  • All of Geraldton and Dongara Suburbs

  • Nanson

  • Howatharra

  • Binnu

  • Carnamah

  • Cue

  • East Chapman

  • Eneabba

  • Horrocks

  • Mingenew

About Our Services

  • Morawa

  • Mount Magnet

  • Mullewa

  • Nabawa

  • Northampton

  • Perenjori

  • Port Gregory

  • Three Springs

  • Walkaway

  • Yalgoo

  • South Greenough and Greenough areas

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